Fading was published by Kehrer Verlag in 2015, with texts by Peggy Sue Amison and Carl-Henning Wijkmark. Design is made by Anja Aronska (Kehrer) and Elis Hoffman. Fading is a hardcover book with 72 pages and 36 color images. The books size is 30 x 24 cm and all the texts are in english. ISBN 978-3-86828-590-1

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Elis Hoffman’s Fading consists of number of visual meditations on the fragility and impermanence of life, meditations that challenge observers to look into the face of death and not avert their gaze.These are images that reach deeply into any person who is prepared to accept them.

Everything is bathed in an autumnal light, a light that grips the viewer as if from the afterlife with sorrow and angst, at times muted, at times raw.

Images of the twilight of life. Images from the end of time.

By Carl-Henning Wijkmark