Tonight was self published in 2010 in a edition of 100 copies. Every copie is signed and numbered by the artist. The design was made by Joakim Alexandersson. The book has a hardcover, 48 pages, 22 color images, a size of 30,5 x 20,5 cm and texts are in swedish and english.

Tonight is sold out but I may be able to sell one of my private copies, contact me at:


In Sweden we have a tradition of going to different venues and dance, to what we call a “dance band”. Their music and songs are often about love, heartache and memories from the past. I decided to go on tour around Sweden with these bands. After a while my focus turned from the stage to the dance floor. I identified with the dancers burning desire to feel and their urge to express those emotions. I started to ask my self: Why are we so afraid to show what we need and feel?